The Norwegian organisation for children and youth with rheumatism

Teenagers at BURGs Teenageweekend 2007
Fishing for crab at family summercamp 2008
Ax throwing at Youth weekend 2007
Rock climbing and rheumatism - no problem at Teenage weekend 2006

BURG is part of The Norwegian Rheumatism Association (NRF), but is economically independent and has a board that consists of youth with rheumatism and parents of children with a rheumatic condition. NRF is one of Norway's largest voluntary organisation, with over 40 000 members. About 1100 of these are also members of BURG.

Local braches

BURG has local groups all over Norway and arranges a wide spectre of activities for children and youth with rheumatism and their families. The local groups have their own board with youth and parents.


BURG has a focus on positive and barrier breaking activities. We want young people with rheumatism to take part in activities that gives them a tool to manage everyday life in the best way possible. We want them to focus on what they can manage and give them experiences and meet other people with the same challenges more than focusing on the disease.

Every year BURGs central organisation arranges:

Family summer Camp (0-14 years + the rest of the family)
Teenage weekend (13-18 years)
Youth weekend (18-30 years)

The local organisations arrange activities like family weekends, bowling, pizza night, seminars, Christmas parties, lectures and much more.

BURG also arrange seminars for volunteers and we have our own “peer group service” where young people with rheumatism and parents of children with rheumatism are trained to guide others who are newly diagnosed, needs information or help in other ways.


BURG works together with and towards hospitals, government and other organisations to give children and young people with rheumatism the best conditions, medicine, treatment and best information available. We produce information about rheumatism in children and young people and about our organisation.

Contact us

Postal address:
BURG Norge
Postboks 2653 Solli
0203 Oslo

Telephone: +47 22 54 76 14

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